Famous Last Meals: Part Two

Last Month, I started a series on the last meals of the rich and famous. I’m very excited to continue this after such a long hiatus. My apologies for that by the way, work has been a bit of a nightmare. The good news is that I do in fact still have a job and am thus able to continue funding my internet connection and tea addiction.

With the explanations out of the way, let’s crack on, shall we?

Second Class Passengers of the Titanic
Death – 1912 from a rather pesky iceberg sitting in the middle of the North Atlantic.

In my previous post,  I discussed the rather extravagant final meal of the 1st class passengers. As it turns out, the 2nd class passengers did pretty well for themselves too.

Let’s take a peek at the menu:

Baked Haddock with sharp sauce
Curried chicken with rice
Spring lamb with mint sauce
Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce
Green peas
Puree turnips
Boiled rice
Boiled and roast potatoes
Plum pudding
Wine jelly
Coconut sandwich
Ice cream
Assorted nuts
Fresh fruit
Cheese biscuits

As far as last meals go, I must say that I’m rather impressed. I’ll be interested to see whether I can uncover the final meal of those in steerage for my next post.

Abraham Lincoln
Death – Assassinated by John Wilkes-Booth in the Presidential Box of Ford’s Theatre in Washington.

Before Old Abe’s literal final curtain (Sorry, I know that was bad), he dined at  the White House on Clear Mock Turtle Soup, roast Virginia fowl with chestnut stuffing, baked yams and cauliflower with cheese sauce.

Jimi Hendrix
Death – 1970 after taking 9 sleeping pills and choking on his own vomit. Delicious.

Uncontested rock God and Woodstock icon, Jimi Hendrix (despite is rather Rock n Roll style death) had a somewhat less than revolutionary final meal before his accidental overdose – a simple tuna sandwich.

Death – Assassinated in 1963 by a gunshot wound to the head that totally came from the School Book Depository and definitely not from the Grassy Knoll, despite what forensic and video evidence suggests.

JFK’s final breakfast was consumed at a meeting with supporters before his fateful Dallas motorcade. It was supposedly quite typical of the pragmatic President – orange juice, coffee, soft-boiled eggs, bacon, and toast with marmalade.

Death – Suicide in 1945, alongside his mistress-turned-wife, Eva Braun. A shot to his temple was the method of choice, whereas his bride of less than 48 hours swallowed a cyanide capsule.

Hitler became a vegetarian after the suicide of his niece, Geli Raubal. On a side note, I highly recommend that you read up on that inappropriate train wreck of a relationship.

Despite often being caught eating meat, Hitler’s final meal adhered to his vegetarian diet. It consisted of a simple vegetable soup with mashed potatoes.

That’ it for now, kids. I promise that with my life settling down a bit there won’t be such large gaps in  between posts. I look forward to throwing more food related history at you soon.

Famous Last Meals: Part One

Last week, I promised to start a series on the last meals of famous historical figures. As I began to research the topic I discovered that well-known chef and historian Andrew Caldwell has already released a book on this very topic. Furthermore, he also provides the reader with recipes and other interesting historical tidbits.


That being said, there’s no reason why we can’t take a peek at the topic ourselves. Let’s get started.

Cleopatra VII
Death – 30 B.C. from an asp bite.

Known simply as Cleopatra, she was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty and was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. She’s famous for her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, as well as her dramatic choice of death. Legend has it that she chose this method so her features would remain unmarred. I like her style.

Cleopatra’s final meal was a simple dish of figs, served with a poisonous snake chaser.

First Class passengers of the Titanic
Death – 1912, although a great deal of the upper class survived the sinking.

Everyone should be familiar with the story of the Titanic, except for a few idiots on Twitter. I’m afraid I can’t speak anymore about that without going into a rage blackout.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for a hundred years, here is a short history of the Titanic – Big boat. Iceberg. Not enough lifeboats. Leonardo DiCaprio drowning.

The rather decadent final meal included:

Photo: Kathleen Stachowski

Well, if you’re going to go down, it might as well be in style.

Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jean Baker)
Death – 1962 from a drug overdose

This blonde bombshell was, and in many ways, still is the epitome of femininity and beauty. With perfect looks and an hourglass figure to die for, one might think that her last meal would consist of little more than leafy greens.


On the night of her death Marilyn ordered takeaway Mexican. A lot of it. The meal consisted of – gazpacho, chicken breasts, taco dip, meatballs, refried beans and veal parmigiana. What a legend.

Death – 1977. He suffered numerous ailments in his final years, most of which have been associated with his death. Some of these include glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver damage, and an enlarged colon. All of these were exacerbated by drug abuse.

In his final years, Elvis had made a habit of feasting on particularly unhealthy snacks in the wee hours of the morning, and this occasion was no different. His final meal consisted of four scoops of icecream and six chocolate chip cookies, all consumed around 4am. It’s good to be the king.

He would be found dead on his bathroom floor (though some say it was on the toilet) later that afternoon.

To be continued…

On a side note, I’ve been toying with the idea of recreating the final Titanic meal and documenting it here on the blog. It would become yet another series, as I would only do one or two courses at a time. I would love to hear your feedback on this. Is it something you’d be interested in reading?